We actively work in 29 North American Sedimentary Basins.

  • We provide ready-made map products, analytical services and consulting expertise in oil and gas exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons.
  • Our customers initially come to us to help evaluate their current exploration and development effort.
  • Our customers come back to us because of our speed, technical integrity and our ability to integrate our work into internal workflows.

Some of our Input Products

  • Structural Surfaces
  • Surface or Subcrop Erosional Maps
  • Surface Heat Flow Locations
  • Surface Heat Flow Measurements
  • Bottom Hole Temperatures
  • Bottom Hole Temperature Location Map
  • Geothermal Gradient Map
  • DST Temperatures & Locations
  • DST Temperature Maps
  • Pyrolysis Data Locations
  • Vitrinite Reflectance Data Locations
  • TOC Data Locations
  • All additional maturity data (Conodonts, SCI, TAI etc.)
  • Potential Fields Data

Some of our Output Products

  • Maturity Surfaces reported in Vitrinite Reflectance Equivalence (VRE)
  • Kerogens Type Maps
  • Integrated Present Day Temperatures by surface
  • API Prediction Map
  • GOR Prediction Map
  • Condensate Yield Prediction Map
  • Resource Assessment per Target
  • Resource Assessment by Polygon

Our Latest Basin Upgrade List:

  • South Texas Eagle Ford
  • Greater Permian Basin
  • Greater Appalachian Basin
  • US Williston Basin
  • Denver Julesburg/Powder River Basins
Geological 3D map