Quantitative High-Resolution Whole Oil Gas Chromatography Analysis

We provide the most detailed compositional separation in the entire industry!

DIG’s analysis is unique in the high degree of resolution of C3 – C41 compounds, the quantitative nature of the results through internal standardization, and the exhaustive data quality review done on every peak for every single sample.



Oil to Source Correlation

Maturity Determination

Deposition Character

Biodegredation of Oils


Our first objective is to provide you with the detail you need to differentiate production fluids and extracts. High-Resolution Whole Oil Gas Chromatography data is often sufficient to do so. Expensive geochemical analyses cannot be repeated consistently or economically. Whole Oil Gas Chromatography provides a cost-effective look at the natural compositional tracers in the oil, allowing for more extensive sampling programs, better datasets and more insight into your system.

  • Sample your production oil over time
  • Determine the character of your production from wells throughout a field
  • Set a baseline for your development

Our interpretive experts have many decades of experience using these data to:

  • Conduct oil to oil correlations
  • Conduct oil to source rock correlations
  • Determine breakthrough of produced drainage volumes
  • Monitor production of oils from days, months, or even years
  • Conduct Environmental Forensics with the latest petroleum systems knowledge

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