Methane Molecules

Monitor, Verify & Assess

DIG Labs has long been involved with every sector of oil and gas monitoring, verification, and assessment (MVA) of upstream, midstream, and downstream infrastructure.

The reasons for storing and capturing natural gas are varied and all extremely important. Underground natural gas storage facilities (UNGSFs) play an important role in current energy supply, distribution systems and in keeping consumer energy costs consistent and predictable. DIG works with many pipeline operators to help gas solve storage issues.

Whatever the reason for injecting gas, we help make sure that the gas stays where it belongs.

  • Set up cost effective monitoring systems. Keep it in the ground.
  • Provide well integrity assurances from underground fluid indicators. Let us show you how.
  • Using gas phase stable isotopes as forensic tools.
  • Water isotopes (Deuterium δD and Oxygen 18O) can tell differentiate native brines and near surface aquifers genetics.
  • Identify microbial or thermogenic sources of methane gas using hydrocarbon isotopes (13C & δD).
  • Identify the genetics of thermogenic gases using ethane and propane hydrocarbon isotopes (13C). We are experts.