Geochemical Laboratory Services

Chain of Custody (download)

Natural Gas Stable Isotope Analysis

We offer precision analysis of gas composition and stable carbon and hydrogen isotope analysis of hydrocarbon gases, yielding key insights into the history of these molecules, such as how they are formed or subsequently altered.

Water Stable Isotope Analysis

DIG's analytical throughput allows for the precise and rapid analysis of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes of water samples, which can be indicators of water source and mixing of sources in the subsurface.

Quantitative High-Resolution Whole Oil Gas Chromatography

We provide high resolution of C3 – C41 compounds in an oil, providing the detail you need to differentiate production fluids from well to well, visualize changes in produced oil over time and correlate produced oils and extracts.

Hand-held X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Elemental Analysis

DIG owns and operates a hand-held XRF instrument to determine mineral and elemental composition of samples in the field or at a core facility. The unit is also available for lease.

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DIG's Fluid Geochemistry Laboratory

DIG has long recognized that geochemical analysis is a key component of petroleum systems integration. In particular, the geochemistry of fluids encountered in a petroleum system provides a wealth of information using cost effective and well-established scientific methods.

DIG built a state-of-the-art Fluid Geochemistry Laboratory in Westminster, Colorado with the capability to analyze gas, oil and water samples. Laboratory equipment and techniques were chosen by DIG geochemists to take maximum advantage of compositional and isotopic natural tracers present in the fluids encountered in the subsurface.

The geochemical analysis of these natural tracers keeps project costs low relative to artificial tracer studies, and allows for the collection of samples from any phase of a well lifecycle.

DIG’s custom-designed geochemical sampling programs achieve your objectives efficiently and cost-effectively. Our programs typically encompass sampling logistics and strategies. Our lab location is central to oil and gas plays of the Rocky Mountains, Texas and Great Plains regions. Working with us greatly simplifies shipping and decreases turn-around to get you answers fast.

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