DIG core principles are Integrity, Service, Development, and Spirit. We put a great deal of emphasis on the importance of upholding these values.

  • Operational Integrity – We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner and at the highest level of integrity. Our success depends upon this principle.
  • Technical Integrity – The products that we provide our clientele are always to be considered at the highest levels of technical and scientific merit. Technical quality is our trademark.
  • Personal Integrity – We will conduct ourselves in the highest ethical standard. If we serve our clients in this manner, our own success is assured.
  • Our clients’ needs are respected and acted upon. Customer service should be foremost in the mind of every DIG associate.
  • Mutual respect of all DIG associates keeps us consistent in our actions and deeds. No DIG associate is more or less important than any other.
  • Teamwork is critical to our continued growth and success. Keeping the lines of communication open and honest provides an environment of trust and respect. We are the DIG Team.
  • We are all responsible for the development of our own integrity and success. This individual success will quickly translate into the collective development that we all need to succeed.
  • DIG recognizes the need to create an environment of continued learning. We are not judged by mistakes but by our motivation for continued learning and to overcome adversity.
  • Growth is available at DIG both professionally and personally. Our commitment is to provide the atmosphere for creativity and innovation. Innovation drives our continued success.
  • We strive to be entrepreneurial. We seek answers to problems we encounter. Our available resources are vast.
  • We are proud of our achievements. We celebrate our clients’ successes, our own experiences, and our colleagues’ triumphs.