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Dolan Integration Group offers multiple options to help evaluate your current and future properties in the Energy Sector. DIG has used petroleum systems models for decades to help our clients succeed. We created the QuickStart Maturity™ Models to assist geologists and engineers with understanding heat distribution in the subsurface by modeling depositional and subsidence history. These 4D models have multiple applications in the exploration, development, production, and environmental aspects of hydrocarbon distribution. The QuickStart Maturity Studies can help assess fluid quality and can be predictive regarding the presence of oil, gas condensate, or gas fluids as well as changes over time of these fluids due to subsidence variability in sedimentary basins.


Dolan Integration Group has constructed regional maturity models for most of the major petroleum basins in the onshore U.S. lower 48. In addition, we have modeled basins in Canada, Mexico, Australia, South America, and Asia. These QuickStart Maturity Models are useful for high grading proven and emerging conventional and unconventional plays. Multiple horizons per basin have modeled (predicted) maturity which is critical to the evaluation of potential acquisitions and divestments. For unconventional plays, these models have proven to be accurate over several years in identifying areas which are prospective for oil, wet gas, and dry gas.  Some basins have been updated multiple times as new rock maturity and other drilling data becomes available.

QuickStart Maturity Models are also used to support more detailed subregional and local geochemical studies. Uses of the QuickStart Maturity Studies can be seen in the following video featuring the Powder River and Denver Basins.

QuickStart Maturity Powder River Basin Model

DIG strives to accomplish three goals:

  1. Formulate cost effective geochemical evaluations by working closely with the client.
  2. Technical excellence in a timely manner.
  3. Be responsive to our clients’ needs.

These studies support our clients’ goal of assessing petroleum potential for the entire sedimentary section. Structural horizons, rock maturity and temperature gradient data is input to produce a calibrated basin wide maturity model. QuickStart Maturity Studies require the following inputs:

  • Regional structural surfaces
  • Tertiary erosion map
  • Temperature gradient from bottom hole temperatures map
  • Rock maturity data (primarily vitrinite reflectance and pyrolysis)
  • Temperature gradient calibrated to rock maturity

These studies provide an interpretation of several important features of unconventional plays. DIG QuickStart studies include the following outputs:

  • Regional structural surfaces
  • Tertiary erosion map
  • Calibrated temperature gradient map used for modeling
  • Raw rock maturity data (vitrinite reflectance and pyrolysis)
  • Vitrinite reflectance averaged by well and formation (edited for quality control)
  • Vitrinite reflectance equivalence (VRE) from pyrolysis (Tmax) averaged by well and formation (edited for quality control)
  • TOC Data
  • Measured TOC and original TOC maps (selected horizons)
  • Gross and net source isopach maps (selected horizons)
  • Predicted GOR and condensate yield maps (selected horizons)
  • Present day formation temperature maps (selected horizons)
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Appalachian Thumbnail
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QuickStart Maturity Studies 1D Maps
QuickStart Maturity Studies Contour Map
QuickStart Maturity Studies Example Geology Profile
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QuickStart Maturity Studies Multicross Example
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BasinCalculated Maturity Surface in Vitrinite Reflectance Equivalence (VRE)Structural SurfacesVitrinite Reflectance DataPyrolysis DataTOC DataBottom Hole Temperature Measurements1D Models with VRE vs Depth and Burial History Plots
Anadarko Basin212188734032451600
Appalachian Basin2121851296423791466166
Arkoma Basin (Oklahoma)101058183
Big Horn Basin1413411088980342
Big Snowy Basin6614161161158
Crazy Mountain Basin1515140162219514
Denver (DJ) Basin15152324510266793060011
Eagle Ford Basin13131161331332847
East Texas Basin884917171433
Fort Worth Basin772717780
Greater Green River Basin1616784348741451902
Hanna Basin884329229258
Illinois Basin77934262972
Louisiana – Gulf Coast662188
Louisiana – Mississippi Salt Basin77287118514392509
Michigan Basin883767671464
Paradox Basin9912515611726281
Permian Basin20201474300300200679
Piceance Basin55202138913899883
Powder River Basin121230456526007383610
San Joaquin Basin5533914211915298
San Juan Basin14141955131513154685
Tampico Basin (Mexico)15157128223
Texas Gulf Coast Basin881832572662847
Uinta Basin6659917959205
Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB)1414646867486744080
Wind River Basin1111584849938223
Williston Basin (US)1616378386941942698
Williston Basin (US/Canada)10104481215812483942