Green River Basin QuickStart Maturity ™ Study

  • One fully functional 3D basin model
  • Nine (16) calculated maturity surfaces in vitrinite reflectance equivalence (VRE)
  • Nine (16) structural surfaces (all used for calculation per basin)
  • Tertiary removed section map (one per basin)
  • Geothermal gradient map
  • Calibrated geothermal gradient map
  • Rock maturity calibration data (per basin)
    • 784 measured vitrinite reflectance data
    • 3487 pyrolysis data
    • 4145 TOC data
    • 1902 bottom hole temperature measurements
  • All project files in Trinity ™ Zetaware formats
  • ALL Maps and point, line and polygons in ArcGIS ™ .mxd format
  • More details available on QuickStartX opens in a new tab


We are being asked to do whole lot more with a whole lot less. The QuickStart Maturity Program compiles data and inputs those data to a calibrated Petroleum Systems Model.

This product is available as a whole study or available in any of the component parts:

  • Maturity Map for any surface modeled
  • Geochemistry Database – all or part!
  • Supporting input maps or data


Dolan Integration Group has been working this sedimentary basin for years. Let us provide you with a QuickStart Framework for success. DIG has put in the time to construct these tools, and there is tremendous value in the model and maps. Take advantage of our expertise and move faster than the pack! These products can quickly identify the following important aspects of an unconventional play: Organic Richness, Maturity and Predicted Hydrocarbon Phase.